OpenGD77 on the TYT MD-9600 / Retevis RT-90

I always like the MD-9600 as a radio but disliked the firmware. Therefor I got really excited that I read that OpenGD77 got ported to this radio. I started with a v2 hardware radio and installed the Alpha version that got released early march. Without any expectations (as it was an alpha version firmware) I was very very impressed.

I was so impressed I searched for a v5 firmware radio which I got a couple of weeks ago (after long long searching). Not having had much time I got to unpack the radio for installation of the OpenGD77 firmware.

To my surprise I learned last night the first beta-build was available already. It took me 20 minutes or so to install the firmware and load the OpenGD77 codeplug and contact list.

All information on the OpenGD77 firmware for the MD9600 can be found here:

The installation manual here:

The Beta-Firmware here:

Someone made a very nice overview on the mapping of keypad controls (OpenGD77-MD9600).

Overall I’m really excited about this firmware – I love the OpenGD77 codeplug editor, and now the MD9600 is a true HAM Radio DMR radio. I use it in my shack as a fixed station radio only.

73 – Daniel de DL6FZ

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